FIFA 20: What We Know.

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It’s coming. Get ready to Break New Ground as EA SPORTS VOLTA Football FIFA 20 is fast approaching filled with changes. FIFA 20 brings a new way to play. New game, new features.

FIFA 20 dropped during EA Play at E3, and it revealed the huge new features. Two of the most important ones are Volta Football and being able to play as a female character and still play against men. A few other aspects that were announced during the EA Play Stream include enhanced dribbling, improved 1v1s and overhauled free kicks and penalties.

New Features of Game:

Volta Football:

​Volta “takes FIFA back to the street” with the mode enabling gamers to play 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 matches, with or without goalkeepers. Expect all the skills, close control and use of the walls of the cage, with even a futsal arena a venue option. The new strafe dribbling mechanic is a key feature for both Volta and out on the grass pitch, so you will have plenty of fun skinning defenders.

You can create your own male or female character, suggesting that Volta may be replacing the Journey, as you star out on the streets and look to make it in the professional game. You can choose what your player wears, whether it’d be ripped jeans or proper gear, with a range of locations including a London cage, Amsterdam underpass and Tokyo rooftop.

Game Play:

On the ball there are basically new tools for players to do new stuff when you have it at your feet or when you are defending. This year, straight dribbling is gonna be more agile and more responsive. When opponents get closer you can exit on speed or use your best tricks to dribble your way passed the defenders. You choose.

Players will have more time and space on the ball so it’s gonna be less crowded around it’s just gonna be a one-on-one most of the times. one thing is very important “stress ruling” is one and then when you are on the defending side. Players are encouraged to be more manual when defending. In FIFA 19 sometimes you can just take advantage of your AI teammates they put pressure and then that could be enough in some cases. Well, in FIFA 20 there’s gonna be less support from teammates. Manually controlling the defender and for that we’re have a new tool which is the new valve jockey and the first yoki we have them in the game but this year they are a lot more agile and they also come with some assistance that helps you stay in front of the wall.

Tackling System: ​The tackling system uses the technology from last year’s active touch system which has a bear animation selection and better calculation of how to get to the ball to ensure that you win possession back.

Positioning System: ​FIFA 20 has a lot of changes in the positioning system. Players are gonna spread around the pitch in a more authentic way. They stick a little bit more to their positions to make the game a bit less crowded which benefit dribblers.

Ball Physics: ​This aspect of the game has be rebuilt from the ground up, The ball behaves different to every players contact with it, every bounce … Also, the spin on the ball now has become even more relevant, it will affect the trajectory of the ball differently on passes, crosses and deflections making the experience even more authentic then ever before. So realistic, in fact, that if the ball hits a player, this one will receive some impact as the ball bounces off of him. INSANE!

FIFA 20 ​launches worldwide on September 27 for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. ​FIFA 20 release date will be a similar one for the UK, rest of Europe, United State, Australia, Japan or some other nation.
Cross Platform: This game would be cross platform to allow Xbox and PS4 to go up against each other have no yet provide each other.

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