FIFA 20: 3 Things that must change in Gameplay

  • general gameplay
  • shotting
  • goalkeeper movement
  • crossing and lobbed passes

FIFA 19 received a lot of praise when the game came out in the September, 2018. However, with necessary tweaks and adjustments to the gameplay the game has become worse in many other areas.

In the meantime, FIFA 20 has been in the news with updated player ratings and leaks. FIFA game enthusiasts and fans have high expectation from the
developers, Electronic Arts to fix all issues of FIFA 19 and give gamers a better experience. We have put together five changes which EA can make to the upcoming FIFA

FIFA 20 has been in the news with updated player ratings and leaks.

  • Shotting

The game of Football is based on scoring goals, because that is how you win games. It is crucial for EA to address if the shooting mechanics of the game are as good as they can be.The shots taken in FIFA 19 seemed unrealistic at times and the whole idea of timed finishing, including timed finesse shot was not convincing even after several updates.
Finesse shots were overpowered for a long time in the game and were toned down after important updates. Regardless of the fix, the time taken by EA to completely fix the issue was a lot, which ultimately makes little sense if the game is only for a year and will have an updated version soon. Talking of the next game, FIFA 20 can improve a lot on the shooting mechanics and make it a more enjoyable experience for the fans.

  • Goalkeeper Movement

The Goalkeeper Movement is a feature which lets you control your keeper and save a goal from happening. FIFA 19 has made sure that you do exactly that, in fact it is almost a hundred percent success rate. The GK movement is broken in the game that it is near impossible to score a goal if the other player has switched to manually controlling the keeper. It is easy to save any goal by switching to your goalkeeper even when your positioning is bad. This needs to be a balanced feature in FIFA 20 and needs to pose a challenge to the players who control the keeper.

  • Crossing and Lobbed Passes

It is no surprise if you have played FIFA 19, you already know that it is better to go wide and play a cross in the box rather than dribbling your way in the middle only to get your shot blocked by a defender. The game becomes boring once you score goals the same way every time, playing your best wingers and exploiting the overpowered mechanics of a cross and header. The CPU controlled defenders usually don’t perceive the flight of the ball and there is high chances of scoring a simple and easy goal. Imagine having a tall and good aerial ability player in the opposition and losing to him every time he receives a cross and bulges the back of the net. I think FIFA 20 should make the process of scoring goals more dynamic by allowing players to create various opportunities from the middle of the park and tuning the crosses and lobbed passes just right to balance out the general gameplay

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