Fortnite: Tournament Structure

author image by Development | 0 Comments | 1st April 2019

Fortnite Tournaments will be design for 100 players. All participants will be required to sign-up at Once done so, they will have an entry code sent to them 15 minutes before the match begins.

The Tournaments will be divided into “Free to Play Tuesday” and “Premium Tournament”.

Free to Play Tuesday. (FPT)

  • No entry fee.
  • On this Tournament Mode Gamers can train their skills before the Main Event. Also, with this Mode being free to enter, younger players can have lots of fun without having to worry about putting money on the line.
  • The winner will be rewarded with 9,000 RueRin’s to spend on’ Treasure Box or to buy into Friday’s Match.

Premium Tournament. (PT)
This Mode will have an entry fee of 9,000 RueRin’s. Gamers will have the following benefits:

  • Winner will be rewarded with 200,000 RueRin’s.
  • Runner-up will get 9,000 RueRin’s as prize.
  • Third Placed will get 3,000 RueRin’s
  • Gamers managing to hit specific achievements will be rewarded with 1,000 RueRin’s.

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