How to Enter Fortnite Tournament.

Alright Gamers the time has come. You guys are all set and ready to show your skills in our Fortnite. But before we start, we are going to show how easy it is to enter the Tournament. Check it out:

First we need to get you set with the right requirements. 

  • Discord Account.

Visit or download their app on your mobile device and follow instructions to create an account, then just get the premium tournament pass for join it (How to: Participe Tournaments).

All done? Now get ready. On the day of the Tournament We will need you to get ready following these simple steps. It will literally take less than 1 Minute!

  • First, enter A2WGames Chat on or Mobile App 
  • Secondly, launch Fortnite on your console of choice, and select “Battle Royale” In the main arena, open the different Game Modes window by pressing on Square button (PS4) and select “Solo”.
  • And lastly, once done so, click on L2(PS4) to bring the “custom Options” from the very bottom right and enter the Key you will be giving in our Chat and hit accept
  • Press Play and wait for the show to begin!

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