How to: Participe Tournaments

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Hey Gamers! Here is a quick guide on How to enter our Tournaments.

Once you have registered on the site events will become available for you to sign-up. We have an array of Tournaments for you to choose from in which 2 stand out from the rest: The FP Mode (Free to Play Mode) and PT (Premium Tournaments). FP serves the purpose having players come in without compromises and PT give participants a chance to win amazing prizes.

FP (Free to play)

Go to Tournaments across the Top Menu, and explore the different. Tap on the button “JOIN NOW”, and you will be ready for battle. Our Game Master will check the list of applicants and accept grant you access to the event ASAP.

PT (Premium Tournaments)

The most exciting competition, the real battleground. The reviews and highlights will be taken from this Tournament Mode and uploaded to our Youtube show “It´s Showtime” where our formidable Youtubers will review and comment every second of the tournament.

For all that and more, just tap on “GO PREMIUM” in the Tournament you would like to enter and follow normal purchasing steps.

Then, buy the Premium tickets for be able to join the PT

If you have a Tournament Code you may enter here on ¨APPLY COUPON¨ . These Coupons may have been acquired by our Social Media Followers for a free entry down the line. If not, just proceed to pay from your r-Wallet.

Simple as that Gamers. Play well, respect opponents and have fun!

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