How to: Recharge r-Wallet

author image by Development | 0 Comments | 1st April 2019

Do you need to add some RueRins for participate on Tournaments? No worries my friend, here you will find a simple way to do that.

First one, you sould go to Treasure´s box tab.

Inside the section “Recharge RueRin´s” you will find some recharge items, click on them will redirectioned to the item selected.

Add the item to your cart and then, you have to option for redeem it:

  • if you have a phisical code (Available soon in stores), just scrash the secret code and type it on “APPLY COUPON” for a free fees of the recharge.
  • Or “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” and continue via PayPal, the recharge will be apply in a few minutes and you will be advice at your registered email.

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