The Idiot’s Guide to Apex Legends

Apex Legends has appeared from nowhere to dominate the games industry. In just one short week it’s exploded to encompass over 25 million players. Imagine that, 25 million people, that’s more than you can visualise. Even if you have a big brain.

We’ve been playing Apex Legends. There’s loads of guides appearing on the internet and they’re all aimed at helping you become pro-Apex Legends players.

This guide isn’t like that. See, we’re not great at Apex Legends. We’re trying our best though, so here’s our beginner tips. Our idiot’s guide to Apex Legends.

Character Selection

The first thing you’ll have to decide is what character you’re going to play this round. Let’s run through them:


  • Passive: Runs real fast when getting shot at
  • Tactical: Fires a smoke grenade
  • Ultimate: Calls in an artillery strike
  • Good for blocking line of sight, and for running away real fast.


  • Passive: Sees tracks left by enemies.
  • Tactical: Can reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues. Even behind walls.
  • Ultimate: Moves faster and highlights enemies.
  • Choose if you want to know what the heck is going on.


  • Passive: Can see enemies through gas.
  • Tactical: Drops gas canisters as traps, or you can shoot them to set them off.
  • Ultimate: Does Big Gas.
  • Choose if you don’t mind the enemy team hating you.


  • Passive: When aiming you get a little shield.
  • Tactical: Drops a dome shield for you and your pals.
  • Ultimate: Calls in a mortar strike.
  • Choose if you want to be a beefy boi and not die so quickly.


  • Passive: Use healing items and revive teammates faster.
  • Tactical: Call in a drone to heal teammates.
  • Ultimate: Drop in a care package full of goodies.
  • Choose to be the most popular person on the team.


  • Passive: Drop a decoy and cloak when knocked down.
  • Tactical: Summon a hologram to be a decoy.
  • Ultimate: Summon loads of holograms to be decoys.
  • Choose if you just don’t wanna be shot.


  • Passive: You can use survey beacons to find out where the next ring will be.
  • Tactical: Send out a grappling hook to pull yourself to a location.
  • Ultimate: Create a permanent zipline between two locations.
  • Choose if you want to be the friendliest robot and also like parkour.


  • Passive: Voices will tell you when danger’s incoming.
  • Tactical: Go invisible and avoid damage for a bit.
  • Ultimate: Create portals between two locations.
  • Choose if you want to harry and do some serious running.


You’ve chosen your character, you’re ready to go. But first you have to actually get to the match. You do this by dropping in from a craft that moves across the map in a line.

  • You might be dropmaster – if you don’t know where to drop, give this up immediately.
  • No-one has to follow the dropmaster. But only peel off if you’re sure they’re an idiot.
  • Land on the loot ship or in the blue circle if you want to learn how to git gud real quick.
  • You can glide further than you think when dropping. Gain some speed and then level out. Like Batman.
  • Landing in a high tier loot area means diddly squat if you end up punched to death before you get your grubby mitts on anything.
  • Go Bunker for lols.
  • You can land really high and the game will shout at you, but you have 30 seconds to get down so don’t stress it.
  • You can look about to see if people are dropping in the same location. If they are, maybe change it up.

The Match

You’ve landed, you’re finally on the ground. Time to actually win the match.

  • Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping.
  • Seriously use the ping system.
  • It’s real good.
  • Don’t forget to punch in a pinch.
  • Use balloons to zip up and then re-deploy to get around faster.
  • Execute ALWAYS. It makes you more pro.
  • Except when it doesn’t.
  • Loot fast. No, faster. FASTER.
  • Slide everywhere. I mean it’s just more fun.
  • The yellow wall is terrifying but you can outrun it, or even be in it for a bit.
  • Shut the damned doors behind you. Were you born in a barn?
  • Give the Ultimate Accelerant to Lifeline. Your team will thank you.
  • It says in the tutorial, but don’t forget to holster your weapons to do a quick scarper.
  • Remember a lot of Ultimates show off where you are. Calling in Lifeline’s Care package or using Pathfinder’s Zipline will let people know where you are, and maybe even where you’re going.
  • Be wary of anything that seems too good. Enemies can drop loot and form traps. Look up every now and then.
  • Climb up walls, don’t go round them. You can climb higher than you think.
  • Ping weapons and upgrades for your team.
  • Use the ping system.
  • Did we say use the ping system?
  • Use the ping system. It’s good.
  • Your weapons aren’t hitscan. You’ll need to lead enemies and if they’re far away, aim up.
  • Stay with your group.
  • Unless they’re idiots, but then you’re probably losing anyway.
  • You can’t take much punishment even as Gibraltar. Don’t think you’re walking into a 1v3 fight and getting away unless you’re very, very good.
  • Running away means you get to fight again another…well…later in the match.
  • Have you tried using the ping system?

There you go, hopefully after reading this you’ve got a few ideas of how to start improving your game in Apex Legends. Got some tips we’ve missed? Leave them in the comments below.

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